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Once you receive your Login Credentials (Login URL, Username & Password) review this page for tips on how to manage your listing effectively.  When you click on the Login URL, you will be presented with the Login Box that will ask for your Username & Password.  Alternatively, you can always click on the ‘User Icon’ at the top right of any page that will provide a Login Box as well.  Additionally, you can hover over #GetListed and Click the Business Login link to take you to a Login screen.

Once you enter your username & password, you will be redirected back to the website and now will show as ‘Logged In’ in the top right corner. You can click on the drop down arrow to reveal several options, including your account profile as well as your Business Listing.

When you click on ‘My Items’ you will be taken to the backend of the website and see your business listing available to be edited.  Here you will have access to the main body of content, as well as an excerpt that appears below your business name on the Listing Page.

The ‘Item Image’ is the main image that will appear for your listing, on the Home, Neighborhood Businesses and all Search pages.  You can choose to have a Map, or an Image as the Header for your business listing, which is set in the Item Options section, along with your business address.  Enter your address and then click Find, and it will Pin your business to the map.

You can also set you telephone number, email address, and choose whether you would like to be contacted directly from the website.  You can set your website URL, if applicable, and your business hours.

Finally, you can set your Social Links, add images to a Gallery and provide any special features or services your business provide.

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