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The local NJ businesses in our community are a large part of what makes the Jersey Shore such a special place to call home. With the outbreak of COVID-19 many of our neighbors are struggling to keep the doors open, stay afloat, and provide for their families during this difficult time. Here @theJerseyShore, we are inviting our neighbor businesses, our friends, to help build a community of consumer engagement that brings life back into the local economy.

Why it matters: Much of the conversation around the economic effects of the outbreak has centered on the stock market and bailouts for large corporations, but its most acute impacts are being felt in communities just like ours. It is important to bind together and support each other during this difficult time. We hope that you will join our mission.

@theJerseyShore, we truly believe in small business. We believe in investing in our local New Jersey business community. Small businesses are the backbone of America and when you shop at one you are not only helping the owners and employees, you are reinvesting in your community.

@theJerseyShore is a New Jersey local business directory for small, locally-owned businesses. We want to provide the people of  Ocean County with an easy to access a vast list of locally owned businesses that encourages people to shop local.

As a small business owner, you have committed and invested your time, effort, energy and resources into your company because you are passionate about what you do. @theJerseyShore gives you the tools you need to engage with your customers and inform them of important information like your hours of operation, products and services, specials or deals, events, and much more! Our locally owned New Jersey businesses are as unique as the people that own them and together we can create a wonderful business environment that no “big box” retailers can fill.

We are calling on all locally owned businesses to join our directory and be able to provide potential patrons with the ability to:

  • receive great coupon offers
  • join our mailing list for coupons and newsletters
  • leave local reviews
  • stay up to date on local events happening at our community businesses

Whether it’s on the boardwalk or any of our wonderful downtowns, we want to let people know about your local business and promote it. Now is the time for the community to pull together and support each other.

To add your business to our directory please sign-up here.

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